How to Choose Between an Android Smartphone and Apple iPhone

The market for smartphone devices can be broadly classified into two extremely loyal customer groups. The first set of smartphone users are loyal customers of the Apple line of products, which is popularly known as iPhone. On the other hand, the second group of smartphone enthusiasts are fans of the Android community and devices that run on the Google-powered operating system. Although there are significant numbers of Windows mobile and Blackberry users, the market is mostly dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS devices. In a market with such strong polarization, it is often difficult to decide what smartphone to invest on. However, each smartphone ecosystem has its own set of pros and cons, which can be analysed and researched to take a well-informed decision. vivo v20

The smartphone industry was revolutionized when Apple first launched the first generation iPhone. Prior to its launch, a full touch-screen phone was unheard of, but gradually it became the norm for all subsequent smartphones. It is probably the classiest and the most aesthetic smartphone available today. However, apart from its superior design, it provides a huge range of features that is unmatched by any device on all other ecosystems. The best thing about Apple smartphones is that it keeps integrating cutting-edge technologies with its devices with an objective to offer something out of the box. It created history with its voice assistant, Siri, and repeated history again when it launched the fingerprint-based authentication system in 2013. Apps on the Apple store are known for their innovation and ability to harness the best out of the system. In fact, most of the popular apps and games available across all mobile ecosystems made its debut in the Apple iOS platform.

On the other hand, Google’s Android smartphones are all about flexibility and freedom. There are several handset makers such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Asus and LG who make their own Android-powered devices. Therefore, Android caters to a bigger range of customers as it provides a lot of options that suits different budgets. Moreover, the Android Play Store is home to the best mobile apps, most of which come for free. Another advantage of using Android smartphones is that all of Google’s popular services are automatically integrated with the device, thereby making it more relevant to Google users.

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